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A Sunny Spring Family Session

Spring time in Oregon is always tricky when it comes to planning portrait sessions. One day it could be a beautiful sunny day, and then before you know it, clouds roll in and it rains for the next week. This year we have been lucky with fantastic weather, which is perfect for Spring family sessions!

I wanted to share this particular session because I think it’s a great example of how I approach photographing young children. I realize that attention spans can be fairly short, especially when a stranger is pointing a big camera at you and you’re going through a shy stage! Therefore, I like to start out by just letting the kiddos run around and do their own thing with each other while I snap those fun candid shots. These images almost always turn out to not only be my favorites, but the parent’s favorites too, and it’s because the photos capture a real moment that took place organically.

From there, once I feel like the children are starting to relax, I’ll take the oldest sibling and get some individual shots of them. This shows the other siblings that smiling and looking at the camera really isn’t too scary! Eventually, I have them all in front of my camera with those big cheesy smiles!

Here are some favorites from this session in order of when the pictures were taken, so you can see what I’m talking about!


A two, four, and six year old sit in the spring grass with their arms around each other. The youngest, a girl, is in between her two older brothers while she hugs her stuffed Mickey Mouse toy. Small white flowers surround the three kids while the sun is shining through the trees behind them.

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