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Do I Need a Second Photographer at My Wedding?⎹ Oregon Wedding Photographer

One of the most common questions I am asked as a wedding photographer is if you should invest in a second photographer to capture more special moments of your big day. Every photographer I have spoken to and every article I have read has differing opinions on this topic. You definitely do not want to have any regrets on your wedding day! So, I figured why not put my two cents out there?

Oregon Wedding Photographer
Oregon Wedding Photographer

What is the Purpose of a Second Photographer?

A second photographer is a photographer that works as my assistant for the day. They take the pictures, but I edit them and deliver them to my lovely newlyweds! The main role of the second photographer is to take photos of the same event but at different angles than the primary photographer. Having a second shooter adds more images and perspectives to your final gallery.

Oregon Wedding Photographer

Do I Need to Have a Second Photographer at My Wedding?

The short answer to this question is not really! As a wedding photographer, I create custom collection options for each inquiry because each couple is unique and every wedding is special! I have found that having a menu of options for couples to choose from can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why my process begins with a phone call so I can learn what their priorities are and I can create a custom and simple booking process! During this initial call, I can let them know if I think having a second shooter would be beneficial for them.

Oregon Wedding Photographer
Oregon Wedding Photographer

With good planning and communication, one experienced photographer can capture the story of your wedding beautifully on their own! But, there are a few scenarios where you should consider adding a second photographer to your collection.

Oregon Wedding Photographer

Times I Recommend Adding a Second Photographer to Your Collection:

  1. If you and your spouse are getting ready at two different locations! In this scenario, I would have my second photographer at one of those locations and I would be at the other ensuring we are capturing every sweet second.
  1. If you are not doing a first look before the ceremony. In this scenario, your group and family photos would be happening during cocktail hour. So, I would be taking family photos while my second photographer is capturing the cocktail hour.
  1. If your guest list is over 175 people. That’s a big wedding, so it’s helpful to have that second set of hands and eyes to capture everything!

I am more than comfortable shooting a wedding without a second photographer and there have been several occasions where I did not have one during the above scenarios and it has worked out completely fine! But, it does make my job easier to have one and it ensures that all of the small moments are documented.

Oregon Wedding Photographer

Are you ready to get married and have memories captured to last you a lifetime?

Let’s do it! As your wedding photographer, I make sure that your day is captured based around your love for each other. My main goal is to create memories that make it feel like you are able to relive that day over and over again. I would be honored to be a part of your wedding day! If we sound like the perfect fit, fill out my contact form and let’s start planning your special day together!

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