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A Beachy Engagement

Heather has been my best friend for 23 years (wow that makes me feel old) and we’ve been through all of life’s adventures together; from our first day of school, to prom, college, relationships, babies… pretty much everything except engagements and weddings. Heather always said that I would be the first one to get married, but obviously she was wrong!


We had been planning this shoot for months, and the original location we had picked out ended up closing due to the COVID-19 shutdown. But, lucky for me, Heather is always down for an adventure, so of course she said yes when I suggested going to the coast! I was super excited because, well, I have a confession… before this day I had never shot at the coast or on the beach. I know, I know, how can I live less than an hour and a half away from beautiful Florence, Oregon and never shot there? I don’t know. BUT what I do know is that I need to make it one of my regular locations!


Check out a few of my favorites from this super fun engagement session!



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