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Creating a New Website

For the last 6 months or so, the top of my never ending to-do list read “create a new website.”

I first heard about Showit from fellow photographers, and after checking it out, I knew I needed to make the switch. I was using Wix as my hosting platform at the time, and it just didn’t have the customization capabilities that I was needing. However, my clients’ needs come first, so my priority during the busy summer season was to get galleries out and focus on the amazing weddings I was honored to document.

Once the busy season was over (mid-November here in Oregon) I was finally able to tackle the to-do list that had been staring at me for months. I figured it would take me about a month or so to get a new website up and running, so I could launch at the beginning of 2021. To my surprise, it only took me 11 days!! I know, crazy. However, this couldn’t have been done without the amazing template that I chose from Davey & Krista. Let me explain:

With Showit, you don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to building a website, and you don’t even have to hire a professional designer to do it for you! How is this possible? Because these professional designers are able to sell their website templates at a fraction of the cost of building a custom website. If you find one that fits your brand perfectly (like I did), all you really have to do is put your own photos in place of the template photos, use your own words so it sounds like you, add a few personal design touches, and boom! Done!

However, if you want to design your website from scratch, Showit is SO easy to use. I love that there is no coding required, and while you’re designing your site, you are able to see the mobile version at the same time as the desktop view.

On top of all that, the support team with Showit is extremely helpful and knowledgeable! You speak with a real person in real time, and they’ll do what ever it takes to help you. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Showit, as well as my experience with Davey & Krista!

If you have any questions about website design or Showit, I’m happy to help! Just send me an email or DM!


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