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What to Expect from your Heirloom Wedding Album


Take a moment to answer this question: why do you hire a wedding photographer?


The answer might seem obvious. You hire a wedding photographer to capture the special moments on your big day, right? Of course! However, once the day is over, the decorations are put away, your dress is cleaned and preserved, and you have your photos on a flash drive, then what? Do you go on with your busy life until one day, years later, you’re cleaning out your junk drawer and come across that flash drive full of memories from your favorite day?


You deserve better than that. Your love story deserves better than that. Your photos deserve better than that.


What you deserve is an heirloom art piece that will hold your photos forever. A stunning, hand crafted album that can sit proudly on a shelf for you, your family, and future generations to hold in their hands and admire.


The albums that I create for my clients are of the highest quality. These albums are available exclusively to professional photographers, they are hand crafted here in the USA, made to last forever.



Your photos are printed on beautiful luster paper that is extremely thick to prevent any bends or wrinkles.



My favorite part about these albums is the lay flat pages. There will not be any distortion of your photos!





Adding an album to your wedding collection is always an option. If I captured your big day in the past and you’ve decided that you would like your photos showcased in an heirloom album, I would be happy to put it together for you! In my opinion, your photos can only last forever if they are printed. Technology changes, and in the future, USB flash drives might not be useful anymore. Print never expires.

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