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How to Plan a More Meaningful Wedding Day⎹ Oregon Wedding Photographer

wedding day tips

Are you looking for ways to make your wedding day all about you and your new spouse? Then this is the post for you! A wedding can be the most memorable, yet stressful time for a bride, but it doesn’t have to be. With the hundreds of wedding planning ideas and to-dos, I want to make things a little easier for you when it comes to making your wedding day more meaningful and personal.

wedding day tips

Write Your Own Vows

Many couples choose not to write their own vows because they assume it means they have to say them in front of everyone during the ceremony. That’s not the case! I’ve had several clients that have chosen to say their personal vows to each other in privacy, usually right after their first look. If you choose to write your own vows and say them to each other during the ceremony, even better! That personal touch is always a favorite moment for your guests.

Plan to Spend Time Alone

Have a few moments on your day-of timeline for you and your new spouse to spend together alone, even if it’s just 10 minutes here and there. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the day and spend most of your time chatting with your guests. Make it a point to take a breather or two together and soak in this experience. The best times for this are right after the ceremony to really absorb that you’re finally married, and at the end of the night for a private last dance.

Wedding Day Tips
Wedding Day Tips

Include Golden Hour Photos in Your Timeline

For a lot of my couples, the first moment on their wedding day that they are able to be alone is when we sneak away from the party for some intimate golden hour photos. Not only is it the best time of the day for beautiful light, but it’s the perfect time to take a break from the crowd, relax, and really be present with your new spouse. We will take amazing, light filled photos, and you’ll feel reset and ready to head back and enjoy the rest of your night with your guests!

Personalized Details are a Must!

Add personalized details to your wedding! Name your signature drinks after your pets, incorporate a hobby you like to do together, have a monogram of your two initials made and use it throughout your decorations, and play with your the new last name. My new last name is Siminoe, which kind of sounds like Cinnamon! So at our wedding we had Siminoe Rolls for a dessert option. I have tons of unique personalized details just like this one saved on my Pinterest!

Wedding Day Tips

I would absolutely love to hear what you did or are planning to do on your wedding day to make it more personal, intimate, and unique! Feel free to check out my Instagram to see all of the other dreamy weddings I’ve been lucky enough to capture!

Wedding Day Tips
Wedding Day Tips
Wedding Day Tips

Ready to Have Memories to Last You a Lifetime?

Let’s do it! As your wedding photographer, my main goal is to create memories that make it feel like you are able to relive your wedding day over and over again. If we sound like the perfect fit, fill out my contact form and let’s start planning your special day together!

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